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cbm2 480 x 264

How long have you been geocaching?  
May 28th, 2010
How did you choose your handle?  
I wanted something short and sweet so I used my initials and since CBM was already taken, I became CBM2.         

How did you find your first Geocache, and which one was it?
My daughter took me to my first cache, Manchac TB Motel GC1X0Z9 -- I was hooked from the first find. 
Who usually goes with you when you go caching? 
My husband AKA Boo and usually some friends (REH2 from Houma or Panteradon from Houston),  and sometimes our granddaughter Lilliana.
How long will you work on puzzle caches before you give up? 
Not very long. I have figured some out, but for the most part I am unsuccessful with puzzles.  I admire those who can create puzzles and figure them out. 
What town/areas have you most enjoyed caching in? 
Our caching started in Houston, Texas. there are so many to find. we have done alot of caching in Baton Rouge.  Lafayette and covington offer some excellent series and hides as well.  we search for caches everywhere we travel.

Do you do paperless caching?
Yes and No.  if we are caching out of town, having a map of the caches helps when we are in an area we are unfamiliar with.  and we go paperless in town. 
What kind of geocaching rig do you use? 
iphone 5 with the geocaching app to find caches, and I use my Garmin 60CSX for hiding caches.

Why would you recommend anyone else to take up geocaching?
Caching takes you to places you would not normally go to, you can cache anywhere, it gets you out and about, and you meet new friends. its adventerous, and you never know what you may find. (I found a loaded gun once and had to notify the police)
Where are you originally from? 
States you have geocached? 
Louisiana, Texas, Mississppi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, New York and South Carolina  We plan to add to a few states this summer
What was your first event ever attended? 
2011 Texas Challenge in Huntsville. I was on the team putting this event together.
How many caches have you found? 
Which type of cache container do you prefer over the rest?  
I prefer creative home made caches, and caches that the logs are easy to get to.
What was the most famous cache that you have found?  
Maria Laveau Voodoo Queen GCGFHX with over 1700 finds and over 250 favorite points.
Do you use disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries? 
Do you enjoy hiding or finding more as your part of the hobby? 
I enjoy finding caches, but I have contributed to hiding also, I have a total of 47 hides, 33 are active.
Do you have a personal goal in mind when you make a hide?  
No real goal in mind.  I remember when we first started caching how much fun it was to find the cache. I have a few that some consider evil hides, but I enjoy having hides that others are able to find.
What is you favorite type of cache hide? 
I like Traditional caches best. 
What do you think the proper hide to find ratio should be to keep the sport fresh? 
I was told when I first started caching to find at least 100 before hiding any. I personally believe you should only hide as many caches as you are able to maintain.
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